Andrew's Custom Gutters is proud to be the MasterShield dealer for the St. Louis area. 

MasterShield has the best warranty in the industry with a money back guarantee on labor and materials. 


Gutter guards from MasterShield are the gold standard for keeping debris out of your rain gutters while letting water flow through your downspouts. MasterShield’s multi-patented microfiltration technology and strong yet flexible construction is capable of blocking any debris larger than half the width of your hair. 

  • MasterShield keeps your rain gutters free from pine needles, leaves, maple seeds (helicopters), animal nests, shingle grit and oil at a rate 10-times higher than outdated filtration systems used by other leaf guards
  • Our micro mesh gutter guards are constructed of high quality aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel, and are strong enough to hold up to four feet of snow or 20 pounds of debris! Even under that impressive amount of weight, your gutters, fascia and siding will last longer than with other gutter screens.
  • MasterShield is recommended by Tim Carter of and has been highly reviewed in leading home improvement publications.
  • If you’re familiar with snow, melting and freezing ice, MasterShield also offers heated gutter guards that stop icicles and ice dams before they start.
  • Think about safety! Self-cleaning gutter covers save you time on home maintenance and keep you and your loved ones off high, wobbly ladders for good.
  • MasterShield leaf guards are the first to fit the exact pitch of your roof and will not void the warranty on your shingles.
  • Proactively investing in MasterShield gutter protection means you won’t have to react with your wallet later on roofing or foundation repairs.
  • MasterShield helps protect your home by filtering water away from your foundation, giving you peace of mind and an environmentally friendly tool for collecting rainwater.

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